Antibiotics and Anti Infective Medicine

Our wide assortment of specially formulated Antibiotics & Anti Infectives medicines is used for treating bacterial infections of eyes, respiratory tract, urinary tract, intestine; health complications caused by fever and headache and for curing various skin conditions like acne. Available in capsule, syrup and tablet forms, these are preferred for their long shelf life, fast action and good packaging quality.

Antipyretic and Analgesic Drugs

Available in capsule, tablet and syrup forms, the Antipyretic & Analgesic drugs are classified as acidic or anti inflammatory and non acidic medicines. These specially composed pharmaceutical items are used to treat fever due to cold and to relieve pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and backache. Some of these medicines are used as antibiotic and are useful for treating bacterial infection of respiratory tract and skin.

Vitamin Supplements

Our comprehensive range of Vitamin Supplements is preferred by medical practitioners for its precise formulation and long lasting result. Enriched with numerous nutrients, these supplements are effective in inhibiting cardiovascular disease caused by deficiency of folic acid and lowering the risk of osteoporosis which is the outcome of shortage of vitamin D. The provided vitamin enriched supplements have key role in lowering death rate of children and improving metabolism of body.

Antacid and Antiulcer Drugs

Our wide range of Antacid-Antiulcer Drugs is effective in treating kidney stones and to control uric acid in patients suffering from esophagus cancer. These are also useful for lowering stomach acid production rate that results in various stomach disorders. The unique composition of these medicines helps to block histamine generation in the body to prevent allergic reactions. These hygienically processed and packed drugs are available in syrup, tablet and capsule forms.

Cardiovascular Drugs

Our extensive range of Cardiovascular Drugs is effective in treating chest pain, congestive heart failure and controlling cholesterol level in blood. Perfect for patients suffering from hypertension, these drugs are suitable for children and adults. These are also useful for increasing blood pumping rate of heart. By reducing bad cholesterol level and raising good cholesterol amount, these medicines play vital role in decreasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Antiepileptics - Antipsycho - Antidepressant Drugs

Accessible in tablet and capsule forms, the Antiepileptics And Antidepressant Drugs are prescribed to treat various depressive disorders like PMDD and bulimia nervosa. These medicines are also useful for reliving nerve pain like diabetic neuropathy and other types of medical conditions like bipolar disorder. Easy to administer, these medicines are free from adverse health effects and these provide fast result.

Antimalarial Drugs

Available in tablet and syrup forms the Antimalarial Drugs are suitable for adults, children and infants. The special formulation of these medicines is effective in destroying the organism that results in malaria. The special ingredients of these medicines inhibit the multiplication of certain types of malaria causing parasites in red blood cells. Long storage life, high efficacy rate and long lasting result are some key features of these medicines.

Ointments & Creams

Our wide array of anti inflammatory Ointments & Creams is used for alleviating knee pain, swelling and hand pain resulted from osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. These nonsteroidal pharmaceutical items help to inhibit function of specific substances in human body to prevent inflammation. The offered medicines are also useful for curing stains and pains of muscles. Packed under the most hygienic environment, these are completely free from side effects.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Available in capsule and tablet forms, the offered Pharmaceutical Drugs are used for treating respiratory complications like asthma, eye conditions like keratitis, collagen disorder like lupus, joint pain, complications of bladder and skin problems like psoriasis. The unique formulation of these medicines adjusts immunity system of body so that the body can effectively respond to different health conditions sans causing any inflammatory feeling.

Enzyme Tablets

Our wide range of Enzyme Tablets and capsules is effective in accelerating production or secretion of various enzymes in human body for improving digestive function, to promote generation of new cells, to alleviate infection of urinary tract and skin. These medicines are also effective in curing infections of bronchitis and prostate. These hygienically packed drugs are appreciated for their fast and long lasting result.

Common Disease Medicines
Our array of Common Disease Medicines is prescribed to treat health complications caused by hormonal dysfunction. Formulated by competent personnel, these cost effective medications are preferred for their accurate composition, fast action, long lasting effect and side effects free content.
Pharmaceutical Formulations
The offered array of Pharmaceutical Formulations is reckoned for their standard quality and high effectiveness. Formulated to meet treatment needs of health care sector, these do not have any adverse effect on patients health. These are cost effective and have long storage life.
Multivitamin Syrups
Offered range of Multivitamin Syrups is acknowledged for their precise formulation, high effectiveness and long lasting result. Prepared to treat deficiency of vitamins, these syrups are available in different dosage levels. Free from adverse effects, these have proven effectiveness in treating fatigue, stress and infections.

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