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    We offer a broad range of outstandingly branded generic drugs. Sustained R&D activities along with a highly talented workforce has enabled us to carve a special niche for ourselves in both India and abroad. About 80% of our Pharmaceutical Tablets & Capsules and Anti Infective Injection, Anti Infective Medicines & Drugs are exported to many overseas countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nigeria, Armenia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Honduras, Hongkong, Iraq, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Turkmenistan. Our annual turnover stands at a whopping Rs. 150 million, and our aim is to achieve a turnover of Rs. 1200 million. We are a member of Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXIL).

    Our Mission

    We work to enhance the global presence in many countries. And our mission incorporates the following: 
    • Providing quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical formulations to the global markets.
    • Research, manufacture & supply of innovative medications which satisfy the medical necessities.

    Quality Assurance

    Our pharmaceutical products such as Antibiotics efficiently meet the global standards for quality & reliability. The quality checking processes are monitored by quality personnel consisting of expert chemists, doctors, among others. The raw materials employed in the manufacturing process are sourced from reputed manufacturers and are processed under the most hygienic and safe conditions.

    We have put in place an up-to-date quality management system to ensure standard quality in our products like Anti Infective Injection, Anti Infective Medicines & Drugs. Owing to all these efforts, our products have been found to be in compliance with the WHO-GMP/CGMP/ISO specifications and FDA India guidelines. We are also certified by the NAFDAC authorities.

    Our Staff
    Quality is the motto we live by and each staff member of our company strives to achieve excellence. Our diverse staff includes management personnel, chemists and a highly competent technical staff. They are skilled for handling production intricacies and are engaged in bringing the best anti infective injection and other pharma formulations for our customers. Medico Remedies Ltd. provides a good working environment to its employees so that they are motivated to perform better every time. Regular training sessions are arranged for our staff to keep them at par with the latest technologies and findings in the medical sector.

    Our modern manufacturing unit is located in Thane and it has a series of efficacious automatic machines & equipments. In our infrastructure, we have invested substantially to ensure that it remains modern and helps us in formulating highly effective anti infective injection and other pharma formulations. presently, we are producing more than 4 crore capsules and 12 crore tablets in a month. We provide complete packaging facilities like blister packing & strip packing so that they are not damaged while in transit. We also have a warehouse under the infrastructure, where we safely stock the packed products.

    Research & Development
    We have an active Research & Development unit where we rely highly upon latest research-based technology. To meet quality healthcare requirements, a range of innovative and effective medicines like Antibiotics at cost effective prices have been developed by our expert R&D personnel. At our cell, our expert medical professionals and pharmacists work to develop pharmaceutical formulations, which are safer and more effective.

    Product Range

    Medico Remedies Ltd. is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of the following products:

    • Tablets (Uncoated/Film Coated/Sugar Coated/Enteric Coated/Chewable/Double Layer/Dispersible/Dustain Release/Veterinary Boli):  Amlodipine Besylate, Altenolol, Bisacodyl, Choloroquine, Ciproflaxin, Clarithromycin, Dexamethasone, Enalpril, Erythromycin, Famotidine, Folic Acid, Ibuprofen, Loratadine, Meloxicam, Metformin, Paracetamol, Primaquine, Roxithromycin, Salbutamol, Vitamin B Complex, etc.
    • Capsules: Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Doxycycline, Multivitamin, Omeprazole, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Indomethacin, Mefanamic Acid, Amoxicillin, etc.
    • Injectables (Ampoule/Vials/ Lactum Powder/Non Lactum Powder): Amikacin Sulphate Injection, Atropine Injection, Cefozoline Injection, Celtazidine Injection, Gentamicin Injection, Multivitamin Injection, Hydroxicobalamin Injection, etc.
    • Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops: Chlormaphenicol, Dexamethasone, Fluconzole, Neomycin, Gentamicin, Timalol Eye Drops, Xylometazolin Nasal Drops, etc.
    • External Preparations: Acyclovir Cream, Clotrimazole Vag Cream, Clotrimazole Mouth Paint, Clotrimazole Gel, Methyl Salisylate Cream, Povidone Iodine Solution/Ointment, Silver Sulphazadine Cream, Ketoconazole Ointment, etc.
    • Liquid Orals: Acyclovir Suspension, Azithromycin, Chloroquine Phosphate Syrup, Mebendazole Suspension, Metoclopramide Syrup, Multivitamn Syrup and Drops, Potassium Chloride Syrup, etc.
    • Dry Syrups: Amoxycillin Dry Syrup, Cefaclor Dry Syrup, Cefadroxil Suspension, Ceftibuten Suspension, Cephadroxil Dry Syrup, Cloxacillin Dry Syrup, Erthromycin Dry Syrup, etc.
    • Other Products
      • For Domestic Market: Anti-Infectives, Anti-Tuberculars, Analgesics, Git Drugs. Anti Diarrhoeals. Anti-Worms, Proteolytics, Vitamin and Mineral Products, Haematinics, Cough and Cold Medicines, Anti-Allergics, Anti-fungals, Bronchodilators, etc.
      • For Export Market: Analgesics, Git Drugs. Anti Diarrhoeals, Anti-Worms, Proteolytics, Vitamin and Mineral Products, Haematinics, Cough and Cold Medicines, Anti-Allergics, Anti-Fungals Bronchodilators, etc.

    "We are dealing only in foreign countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Cuba, Panama, Peru, Hong Kong, Turkmenistan and Armenia. "

    WHO GMP / ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
    8 & 9, Devan & Sons, Udyog Nagar, Palghar, Mumbai - 400069, Maharashtra, India
    Phone :+918037301832
    Fax :91-22-26281059
    Mr. Harshit Mehta (Director)
    Mobile :918037301832

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